Funky Elephant will present Thai food in our experiences when we grew up in Thailand from 1984 until now based from mother’s recipe, grandmother’s recipe, street food vendors, and restaurants from our country.


Our goal is to have people give a value to quality Thai food. Our curry pastes, chili jam, sauces and many ingredients are all house-made. 

Chef owner, Supasit was a former Chef de cuisine of Hawker Fare SF under Chef James Syhabout. Every dish will be executed properly in his kitchen. 

We aim to gather as many dishes as we could from every region of Thailand with the exact ingredients and perfectly execute in our kitchen.

Our menu is small in order to maintain the freshness of meats and ingredients. We take our pride in our cooking. We are thriving in cooking good and delicious Thai-taste food and offer the fresh ingredients that we can source from the local purveyors. All the curry pastes and sauces will be made in house from scratch. We also love to present  our sausage that is made in house.

As we believe that consumers have more experience in Asian food, especially Thai, as many of them travel through the country and get to experience real Thai taste. We assume that they are prompt to see a place that offers the taste that they found brought to their hometown.